Tsebo wins Quality Awards

Tsebo, has once again benchmarked its name by winning the National Annual Quality Awards (NAQA) Company of the Year (Large Enterprise) Award in September 2012. The success of this award was achieved through the involvement of the employees of the company and management take great pride in thanking each and every member of staff for the efforts they have put in to achieve this prestigious award.

This award has automatically qualified the Company to enter the Sadc/SQAM Regional Quality Awards and Tsebo again won Company of the Year Large Enterprise and received awards at the presentation held in Angola in March 2013.

The strength of Tsebo’s brand is naturally linked to the quality and service so the Company goes the extra mile to ensure that its service and quality systems create a win-win relationship between the Company and the customers.

In today’s world, quality has become an important aspect of products and services. To ensure quality, Tsebo suppliers are vetted using laid-down evaluation procedures while supplier premises are subject to audits before contracting. Products are also checked by competent hygiene and safety personnel and receiving staff.

In a continuous quest for quality and in a move meant to keep abreast with international health standards, Tsebo engaged the services of a dietician, who is continuously focusing on menu balances and nutritional needs for the company’s clients.

As the largest provider of catering services in the industry, Tsebo has adopted and implemented a quality management system that manages the quality of their processes and produces business benefits thereby creating a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Tsebo depends on their customers and have therefore taken customer focus to higher levels than its competitors. In line with the company’s “extra mile” promise to be totally customer focused, this has been achieved through understanding and striving to exceed customer expectations.


Tsebo has recorded high levels of customer satisfaction after it stepped up efforts of improving quality of products and services. The move has resulted in lessened shrinkage in product quality whilst wastage, returns and reworks are minimised.

Improved operations have seen better profitability being realized and we are able to provide a quality product at an affordable cost to the customer.

The Company has therefore witnessed an increase in market share obtained through flexible and fast responses to market opportunities as well as increased effectiveness in the use of the organizations resources to enhance customer satisfaction.

This has also been achieved by being professional and ethical and not though any corrupt practices. Quality products and services are provided at a competitive price with the reward of a long term relationship with their customers.

Tsebo has grown to be a dedicated and committed company pursuing a vision of excellence thereby creating a competitive business advantage over their competitors.

To ensure standards are maintained, Tsebo has in place trained Quality Management System auditors, who regularly carry out audits to check, monitor and assess compliance. Where a non compliance is picked up, awareness training is carried out onsite to ensure that conformity and quality standards are maintained.

It is mandatory for the Corporate Training and Quality Assurance Department to maintain, implement and coordinate the Company’s ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for continual improvement of the system whilst it is the mandate of each Process, to train, impart knowledge and develop employee skills to provide quality products and service to their customers.

This department also creates a safe and hygienic environment, to enable delivery of safe products and services to their customers.

Tsebo is known for its efficient logistics and transportation of goods and services. By keeping buildings and vehicles in top condition through strict maintenance schedules and controls, Tsebo is able to deliver on time with almost zero probability of vehicle breakdowns, which enables them to create customer confidence.

This customer confidence has made Tsebo first choice in outside catering and functions, hosting most prominent political, business and social gatherings throughout the country. Through continual pursuance of a shared vision of quality and excellence, they have therefore been able to create a strong and irrefutable brand name in the industry.

The company’s state of the art training kitchen and strict adherence to quality as well as ISO 9001:2008 certification has won the company recognition from the Industrial Training and Trade Testing department in the Higher and Tertiary Education ministry as the facility of choice for trade testing.

Tsebo has become far more proactive rather than reactive and can see a problem before it occurs and is therefore able to rectify a problem without the customer being aware of it.

Quality is all about the customer, hence the Company has become far more customer driven and use feedback from clients to serve the customer better. They have in place, customer service campaigns which run throughout the year, to ensure commitment of service to the customer, as well as communicate their commitment and service.

Organizations worldwide are operating in a dynamic environment shaped by a discerning customer base that is conscious of quality and value for money.

Tsebo therefore wishes to assure its customers of guaranteed quality of product and service at all times.

As the company marks their achievement this year, it is their inspiration to maintain and sustain continuous improvement ensuring that the organization is kept on the road to success.