Industrial Catering

Tsebo commenced its first full industrial management contract in October 1984, initially providing traditional meals only. As a result of improved systems and training, we increased our range to include western meals, desserts, teas, commissary and snackshop services as well as to cater for any type of function our clients may require. We presently manage 21 industrial canteens in Harare and Bulawayo preparing around 6 000 meals daily.

We believe our management contract is beneficial to our clients as it will save them valuable management time and there is no need for them to take part in the operation of the canteen allowing them to concentrate on their core business. In addition, we have a reserve of replacement staff to fill in for catering staff when absent.

Our system features rigid computerized control of every product delivered with full physical stock takes being conducted by our staff which includes daily meal declarations. As a result of this, we are able to ascertain stock levels at each unit at any given time which greatly reduces pilferage. Our clients are also provided with detailed financial reconciliations monthly, highlighting their meal costs and total expenditure.