Logistics & Warehousing

The Logistics department of Tsebo comprises of four separate divisions: Purchasing, Warehouse, Butchery and Distribution.

The Purchasing department is responsible for the sourcing and procuring of products for internal use as well as for our customers' needs and our staff are constantly on the go making sure that product is readily available. Having successfully been trading for over 39 years, Tsebo has managed to build, establish and sustain long term relationships with numerous suppliers thus making sure we get the best possible prices and continuous supply of product despite shortages being experienced in the market from time to time.

Starting with a 15m2 room in the early Cullomatic days, Tsebo's Head Office warehouse has expanded in considerable size to 2000m2, accommodating over 1000 different products ranging from a variety of ingredients and cleaning materials to dry goods and canned products. Both warehouse and purchasing work hand in hand in ensuring that the demand of product is met and our stock levels are kept to a maximum holding time of three months.

Tsebo have their own in-house butchery which currently holds a maximum of 22 tonnes of meat at any given time. With the expertise of highly trained staff, the butchery personnel cut, pack and deliver approximately four tones of meat daily to all units managed by the company. We have a well equipped unit with six coldrooms, two freezers, four bandsaw machines, a mincer, vacuum packer, sealing machine and a hamburger molder.

The Distribution division of the Logistics department is solely responsible for ensuring that all product moved from the warehouse into the dispatch area is in accordance with documentation and at that time are quality control checks taking place. Once all product and documentation are passed through strict security checks, are our delivery vehicles loaded for distribution to our customers.