Health & Hygiene

Three very important factors within our organization are the Health, Hygiene and Safety of not only our employees but that of our customers. Our Health & Hygiene division is therefore primarily responsible for ensuring that all Tsebo food handlers undergo annual medical examinations to be certified as food handlers with Pneumoconiosis examinations also being conducted on an annual basis for our employees based at our Remote Sites.

Bi-monthly canteen and kitchen swabs are undertaken at all our units to ensure maximum hygienic standards are kept and monitored. These swabs are taken by independent laboratories and at Tsebo. A quality index of 80% is expected to be maintained with any deviation being corrected.

Monthly kitchen audits are also conducted by our Health & Hygiene division. These audits are indicators of the level of hygiene in the various kitchens and any problem areas noted are quickly rectified and hazardous situations controlled. Safety inspection audits are also carried out in all working areas of Tsebo on a regular basis. Under food safety, food samples prepared are kept for 48 hours to help in investigations, should there be suspected food problems, which exercise is in compliance with statutory provisions.

Our Health & Hygiene division is headed by a qualified Health & Safety Manager who is a holder of a BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology, majoring in Microbiology. She also holds certificates in Rapid Methods & Automation in Microbiology (Food Science & Technology), HACCP, Food & Hygiene and Workplace Health & Safety Management.