Draughts Competition

As far back as 1996, Happy Eater Catering, has been hosting an annual Draughts Competition amongst all its clients under our various feeding programs.

This event takes place at our head office in Harare and branch in Bulawayo towards the end of each year with entry forms being distributed in advance to our Remote Sites, Schools, Industrial Canteens, Executive Chef and Foodbox clients. We provide our clients with draught boards during the year allowing all workers to get as much practice as possible during their lunch breaks before they proceed in selecting their Draughts Champion to represent their organization at the competition.

All participants are taken on an extensive tour of our catering facilities before the competition commences. We find that the hosting of our Draught's Competition is always such an exciting time for us and it is so gratifying to see so many contestants pit their wits against each other and the sadness when the losers inevitably emerge as the competition progresses.

A traditional luncheon and light refreshments are provided by Tsebo to all participants before the final contestant's battle it out to find the overall Draughts Champion. The top six place winners are presented with prizes in the form of food hampers and cash at the close of the competition with all participants taking home a complimentary draughts board and pieces.