Graduate Partnership Program

In January 2008, Tsebo's Training School invested in a Graduate Partnership Program. In October 2008, the selection process began and eight out of seventy students were selected from the Bulawayo School of Hospitality (Hotel School), Dynamic Management Consultancy (DMC) and one of our very own employees. The students entered into the Learner Partnership Program and their eighteen month journey with Tsebo began in January 2009. The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for hospitality candidates enrolled at Universities and Colleges throughout Zimbabwe and who are in their final examination year to acquire much needed hands on experience in industry under the guidance of a Mentor and the protection of "Leadership" at Tsebo upon completion of examinations.
An important aspect for Tsebo is the need to build a pool of skilled professionals that are specifically trained in our systems and procedures, that will help curb the serious skills shortages currently faced by the industry and the country. The program provides an exceptional opportunity for hospitality training. It is structured that the Graduate Partner will be exposed to all organs of the organization and work with highly competent professional employees. The Graduates work under "Mentorship" of a chosen "Mentor", an expert in their field of specialisation, who reports to a sponsor, in the department, under the guidance of an overall program supervisor who will be the "Executive Sponsor".

An important characteristic that makes this program different is the importance of commitment and willingness by the Graduate Partner to learn the ropes and become part of the workforce in the long term. Graduate Partners are not here to make up numbers or to be a source of cheap labour, but are a part of a partnership, bringing in initiative and academic prowess, while Tsebo in turn provides an enabling environment to show and grow skills.