Tsebo takes Hygiene to a higher level

Tsebo are pleased to announce the recent signing of a new dealership agreement with Hychem of South Africa.

Hychem was established in May 1989 and offer a complete range of cleaning solutions, from the supply of chemicals, dispensing systems, accessories, to training and assisting customers in implementing good hygiene practices within their housekeeping, kitchen and laundry departments. Hychem is also recognized as one of the market leaders to the hospitality industry in South Africa.

Their product range is manufactured at their premises situated in Kyalami, Midrand to exact specifications and under stringent quality control checks – ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. This is to ensure that a consistently high quality product is delivered to their customers via their in-house distribution network at all times.

Hychem product display

Hychem has branches in Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalanga, the Free State, Eastern and Western Cape and the Limpopo Province with established distributorships in Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia and now Zimbabwe, offering the same quality of products and services throughout. Their products, where required are recognized and approved by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Their environmental range of cleaning products is based on biotechnology. These products work using a combination of environmentally friendly detergents, enzymes and probiotic bacteria that remove surface dirt, eliminate biofilm – an accumulation of micro-organisms held together by a matrix of proteins and consequently reduce the risk of infection. The products have a wide field of application and can eliminate bad odours caused by decaying organic matter in waste compactors, trash bins, sanitation service trucks, carpets, rooms, pet areas, toilets etc.

Their grease control products are recommended for efficient bio-degradation of fats, oils, and grease in grease traps, drain pipes, sewer lines and canopy extraction systems. A major benefit of the product range is that all the products are completely biodegradable and do not make use of caustic, phosphates, solvents or any other environmentally harmful substances. They are therefore highly recommended for use in environments where there is a delicate Eco-balance and where French drains and septic tanks are in use. This range of product can be of great benefit in areas that have grease problems.

A full range of traditional cleaning products – with the environment in mind – is also available.

Training is offered in the form of our in-house training officer.

We make use of audio visual aids relating to:-

  • Food Handling Procedures
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Kitchen Cleaning Procedures, Standards & Monitoring
  • Bacteria Control
  • Correct Dish Machine Operation
  • Housekeeping Cleaning Procedures
  • Correct Laundry Practice

On successful completion of training and a written test, all staff in attendance are issued with a Hychem Certificate of Merit.

Hygiene signs will also be posted in all kitchens, laundries, etc to remind staff to:-


A range of dosing equipment will be made available in order to control the dilutions of the various products. It is understood that only Hychem products will be used in conjunction with this equipment and that all equipment remains the property of Hychem/Tsebo. Such equipment includes; electronic drain treatment, electronic dish machine dosing, electronic laundry dosing, kitchen product dosing systems, pot wash and housekeeping dosing systems.

Our customers will receive a monthly service call out by a Hychem representative. During this visit, all equipment will be inspected to ensure that it is in good working order. Dosages will be checked and in some cases verified by chemical titration. Any issues reported will be addressed and follow-ups or correctional training will be given. Stock requirements will be attended to and where necessary, orders will be taken and product delivered. All action taken whilst on the customers’ premises will be recorded on a service report schedule which will then be signed by all parties concerned and distributed accordingly.

On alternate visits or on request, a 25 point hygiene audit report will be conducted and reports will be kept on file. All files will also contain a proposal, product technical data sheets and MSDS’s, training reports and work instructions (which form a platform for HACCP).

Tsebo look forward to their new partnership with Hychem and we believe that Hychem do have a “Planned approach to hygiene”.