Food Service Solutions

The Tsebo Solution Group is a market leader in providing clients with a quality foodservice solution that is backed up with the most stringent food safety and Health and Safety practices. Our international standards across operational delivery, health and safety, financial management, operational procedures, business transparency, tax and regulatory compliance, labour management ethics and governance, skills building and use of technology all enable us to deliver the highest quality services and provide clients with absolute confidence.

We are proudly compliant to specific Food Safety Management standards (ISO 22000:2005) with a system that ensures all organisations in the food chain control safety up to the time of consumption.

Getting it right demands an organization with the depth of experience and organizational resources to make it happen. Engaging Tsebo Egypt to provide catering and support services gives clients access to an organization that has the first-hand operating experience in Egypt with a dynamic support office located in Cairo managed by a pool of highly professional managers and supervisors all of whom are familiar with the requirements of our company and clients.

Service Management

The procedural approach to managing and delivering services minimizes inconsistencies and provides systems for continuous improvement.

Our quality assurance program is the mechanism by which all other systems are managed and includes programming for safety, guide to purchasing, principles of customer service, employee personal appearance and hygiene standards, offshore operating procedures, foodservice sanitation guidelines, food, housekeeping and janitorial inspection reports.

These management systems generate benefits to our client such as safe working environments and practices, provision of quality services, value for money, performance management, continuous improvement, and clear lines of co

Health, Safety, and Environment

We pride ourselves in upholding the highest standards in health and safety and we are passionately protective of our environment. Our policies are designed to deliver zero incidents, zero harm to people, the promotion of health, no damage to property, no damage to environment, and continuous improvement beyond compliance.

Tsebo Egypt has taken several positive steps to increase our investment in the infrastructure necessary to build and promote a culture that values health, safety and environmental protection. To achieve this, we have a Group-wide policy and standards framework which, supported by comprehensive communications and training, is designed to ensure that processes and practice within each of our operating units fully comply with local legislation as the minimum requirement, and Group policies.

The Tsebo Group has extensive experience in implementing health and safety systems, which stems from our in-depth knowledge of operating in hazardous environments with the highest levels of operational risk. This has driven us to develop world-class occupational health and safety standards, with safety being at the forefront of everything we do. Our ISO 18001 OHASC Framework incorporates 250+ safety procedures, 50,000 hours of Health and Safety training annually, and +5 million hours of Health and Safety experience.

Tsebo’s ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards minimise energy consumption, optimise responsible practices and maximise recycling. They are designed to be cyclical rather than linear and innovate for sustainability.

Quality and Service Management

The Tsebo Solution Group’s global standard across operational procedures and management enable us to deliver the highest quality services and provide clients with absolute assurance.

We are obsessed with quality systems and have robust quality management, monitoring and control processes in place which includes continuous audits of our value chain to deliver optimum quality from “farm-to-fork”, independent internal quality control teams, external quality assessment by industry auditing leaders, scientific analysis, real-time information and data systems, employee personal appearance and hygiene standards and customer satisfaction surveys. 

Leading multinationals rely on Tsebo to measure quality on their terms - time, productivity, efficiency and values. Our internationally recognised Quality Management standards (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, OHSAS) delivers precision and reliability over distributed, large scale operations. These management systems generate benefits to our clients, such as safe working environments and practices, provision of quality services, reduced cost, risk and complexity.

Incident Management Centre (IMC)

Tsebo Egypt’s Incident Management Centre (IMC) is manned 24 hours per day to take updates from any employee regarding an incident or near miss that may occur. This enables us to have clear, in the moment visibility, to ensure the correct action to be taken. The system is designed in such a way, that should the incident be of a serious nature, our CEO can be informed in less than 15 minutes of the incident being reported to oversee and lead any action required.