Our global clients subscribe to global best practices of governance and ethics – they rely on us to underwrite that with our own systems and uphold their commitments. We are a fully transparent partner for our clients and promote the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

The Group subscribes to the ethical principles underpinning good corporate governance as laid out in King 3 namely responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency. We treat everyone – customers, colleagues, investors, suppliers and sub-contractors, as well as the wider community – with honesty, integrity and respect. To read and download our Code of Ethics and our ABAC policy: 

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Relations with our employees

As a service company, our people are our most valuable assets. We respect and value the individuality and diversity that every employee brings to the business and seek to create a positive, open, working environment wherever we operate.
  • We are committed to basing relations with our employees on respect for the dignity of the individual and fair treatment for all
  • We aim to recruit and promote employees based on their suitability for the job, without discrimination.
  • We aim to foster effective communication to enable all our employees to perform their work effectively. This will include encouraging and helping employees to develop relevant skills to progress their careers.
  • We place the highest priority on the health and safety of our employees and the safety of the environment in which they work.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or sexual, physical, mental or other harassment of any kind toward our employees, whether from our own staff or others.
  • We operate fair and just remuneration policies.
  • We require any employee with a potential conflict of interest to disclose it to their line manager.
  • We operate in an environment of trust and as such we do not tolerate any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour by our employees either within the Group or in dealing with other stakeholders.

Relations with our customers

We are passionate about delivering superior quality, service and choice to our clients: our reputation and the loyalty of our clients and customers depend upon it. The quality and safety of the food and services we provide, and that of our products and processes, is paramount and must never be compromised.

We aim to provide a high level of client and customer service at all times. All feedback on our service is recorded and given prompt consideration. All customer and client information are treated as confidential. We never deliberately give inadequate or misleading descriptions of our products or services. No employee may offer or receive – or influence others to offer or receive – any money or material gift that could be construed as a bribe. 

Relationship to our Investors

Our global investor base consists of Wendel SE as the lead investor, together with the Capital Group and Women's Development Bank. We view our investors as long-term partners and we cultivate the relationships with transparency, dedication and care. We are ever mindful of our responsibilities towards our investment partners. 

Relations with our suppliers and subcontractors

We seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships with all our suppliers and expect them to uphold our high standards in respect of quality, food safety, working conditions, trading practices, health and safety and environmental protection.

We treat our suppliers and subcontractors honestly and fairly. No employee may offer or receive – or influence others to offer or receive – any money or material gift that could be construed as a bribe or influence. We endeavour to ensure we are not exploited directly or indirectly by requests to make facilitation payments. All information concerning the company and its suppliers is to be treated as confidential. We do not work with companies that infringe the law or endanger Tsebo Group’s reputation.

Relations with governments and the wider community

Success in business is dependent on compliance with legal constraints, together with sensitivity to local customs and conventions governing business relationships. The communities in which we operate (and from which we draw our employees) are important to us. We are committed to making a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate. We take into account the concerns of the wider community – including national and local interests – in all our operations.

We use our expertise to contribute to the wellbeing of the community in a manner appropriate to our business objectives. We endeavour to ensure that we are not exploited for the purpose of money laundering, drug trafficking or tax evasion. We support the rights of human beings as set out in the UN Global Compact Principles. We consider carefully before doing business in countries that do not adhere to the UN Declaration. We do not make donations to political party funds or candidates.

We respect the law, traditions and cultures of the countries in which we operate. When there is an apparent conflict between local custom and the principles and values set out in this Code, employees acting on our behalf must be guided by this Code. We are committed to doing our business in a way that’s as environmentally friendly as possible. The Group’s Environmental Policy and Guidelines include standards on waste reduction and recycling, and the conservation of water and energy.